• Looking to get more organised with your business or home life? This A3 planner by Fuzzy Flamingo contains 50 sheets, so that’s a full year’s worth of weekly planning. The weeks are undated, so you can start it at any point. It'll help you to prioritise tasks over the week, set your weekly goals so that you can more easily visualise achieving them and gain focus.
  • From the writer of the bestselling children's book: Terrance the Triceratops Troubling Time comes a daily planner for children aged four and upwards to help them with their mental health. Terrance said, "My head's a terrible mess and it has been all day," and Perry helped him! Maybe Perry can help you too with this positivity planner. Charlotte Cloke and Neil Harvey are partners not only in life but in work too. They worked together on this to help other children like their son deal with their mental health in an age appropriate way.
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    Unflip by Jen Parker

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    Unflip by Jen Parker (Published 7th May 2022) “There is no cure.” With just four words, Jen Parker’s stomach lurched and her world was flipped upside down. Her diagnosis with autoimmune arthritis interrupted her travels round the world, causing her to alter the rest of her trip less than three months into her gap year, simultaneously ending her dream career in the police before it could even start. Taking the reader through her life-changing diagnosis, and the process of trying to right her world again, Jen gives tips and advice to people diagnosed with chronic illnesses and those around them. A donation of £1 from each paperback sale will be made to NASS: https://nass.co.uk/


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